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What is deepWidget?

DeepWidget is a ground-breaking technology that allows you to keep your website fresh and dynamic using our fully-customizable, dummy-proof widgets — or "deepWidgets".

We provide an extensive gallery of deepWidgets to meet your various needs, and putting them on your webpage is as simple as putting a sticker on paper. There is no need to copy HTML/Javascript code everytime you put up a new widget. There is nothing like it on the market today.

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Featured Widget
Corner Peel

Our dynamic Corner Peel widget is a high-value advertisement that can be positioned on your page without changing its layout. See it in action by selecting one of the buttons below.

To customize it, all you need to provide is the 400 by 400 pixel image you want it to display, and the URL to which you want it to link. As with all deepWidgets, every single action on this widget is tracked -- so you know exactly how your visitors are interacting with it.


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