Partnering With Us

Our deepWidget platform is a ground-breaking technology offering unprecedented ease-of-use — even non-technical website managers or bloggers are able to add, remove, and customize widgets on their webpages in a matter of seconds.

If you know how to build a widget or web application that people want to use, then by modifying it for the deepWidget platform you gain the following benefits:

  • Reaching a much wider userbase. The ease-of-use of deepWidget means that you can reach a much larger audience. Your potential users will be able to test-drive your widget/application in a matter of seconds! For example, a jQuery slideshow plugin that you developed can be converted into a deepWidget with very little effort, and by doing so the slideshow widget becomes easily accessible by virtually anybody, and not just for developers.
  • Instant CMS. By simply configuring your widgets for the deepWidget platform, an easy-to-use user interface is automatically generated so that your users can customize your widgets to meet their needs. This means you can spend your time focused on building widgets, and not on building CMS UIs for customizing your widgets.
  • Visibility for your work. By placing your widget in our comprehensive widget gallery, you become part of a marketplace that allows your potential customers to find your widget more easily.
  • Bring your work to the next-generation.. By participating in our next-generation web component architecture, your widgets also gain advanced capabilities such as automation and inter-widget communication. The possibilities are endless.

We are looking for partners in the following areas:

Widget Development

Established web development houses or talented individuals skilled in Javascript/HTML/Flash to help us populate the deepWidget platform with exciting widgets. Your widgets will be hosted on our platform under a profit-sharing arrangement.

Web Application Development

Established vendors of web-based applications. If you have a web-based application with broad appeal, we will work with you to widgetize your application so that it can be test-driven and deployed by your customers with minimum effort.

Contact us today at to start building your deepWidgets.