Service Plans

Free Plan

Most of our widgets are free for you to use. We may serve ads on your page in order to cover our cost. Register here to try it now!

Monthly Subscription (coming soon)

You pay a low monthly subscription fee, and no ads are served.

Enterprise Package

We will develop and configure widgets to suit your needs. Some of our notable enterprise solutions include the following:

  • We have a scalable solution that allows a deepWidget to be deployed to many websites, yet you retain control of how the widget looks or behaves on each of these websites.
  • We can create deepWidgets that tap into your data feeds for rich and real-time presentation. Examples of these include: upcoming event display, live sports statistics, breaking news, etc.
  • We can create mashup widgets that turn your static media site into a highly interactive media experience.
  • We can create rich advertisement solutions.

Please contact for further details.

Technology Licensing

Incorporate our technology into your web offerings. Please contact for further details.

Design Help

Need help with graphics to tailor the widget's look to your needs? We can help you! Please send a description of what you are looking for to for further assistance.