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Displays countdowns to multiple events from an RSS feed. Fixed display position at bottom of screen. Also show per-event buttons to other websites for purposes such as cross-selling or promotions. Can be minimized by user. This is an Enterprise-level wigdet.
Tags: Ads News Announcement Countdown Collapsible Animated Auto-rotate Persistent Fixed Screen Position Dockable Tab RSS input House Ads iPad-ready iPhone-ready Blackberry-ready Android-ready Windows Mobile-ready
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Displays a slideshow in a free-floating window that can be collapsed and docked to one side. Based on the open-source slideshow project Galleria.
Tags: Ads News Announcement Slideshow Showcases Photo Gallery Collapsible Animated Auto-rotate Transition effect Persistent Lightbox Fixed Screen Position Dockable Tab House Ads Free Trial Adjustable Sizes iPad-ready